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Cry Me a River


Angel Eyes, Alternate Take

     Cry Me A River mp3 sample clip

Diana Krall, along with Nora Jones, is one of contemporary jazz’s hottest vocalist.  When I heard her version of the jazz classic Cry Me a River (not to be confused with Justin Timberlake’s pop song) on her 2002 album The Look of Love, I knew right away that I wanted to perform it with my band.  The Tenor Saxophone becomes the vocalist on this track.

What Diana Krall is doing for jazz is great.  The contemporary vocalists are really saving jazz right now.   Nora Jones is a tremendous cross-over success and Diana is surely advancing the status of the jazz tradition.  She tours Europe a lot, and she considered a success there as well.  Krall is part of a new generation of jazz musicians that are co-marketed between the States and Europe.

She was such a success here in the U.S., that she was asked to appear in a Marlon Brando and Robert Deniro movie called The Score.  In the film, which was shot in Montreal, she appears at Deniro’s jazz club in the Old City section of the Canadian town.  It was the perfect setting for Diana to perform in, since her music has a great smoky jazz club sound. In fact, every time she plays one of the historic jazz clubs in New York, her performances sell out. 

What I like about Diana Krall is that she uses great sidemen on her albums and tours.  Christian McBride was called up to make the album The Look of Love. So was an entire orchestra.  Her albums for Verve are high budget, which means she has the money to hire top sideman and symphony orchestras.   I like the idea of each album viewed as a high budget project.  It turns out that something special is created each time master musicians step inside the studio. 

There really is some great music coming out of major record labels today.  Krall is just one example that proves the preceding statement to be true.  With all the weird instrumentations today (vibes, synthesizers, etc), vocalists are the gate keepers of the jazz tradition.   Yet vocalists who can actual play another instrument simultaneously are even rarer.   Both Krall and Jones play the piano excellent, and are prime examples of musicians who are playing some of the best jazz today.  Diana Krall’s Cry Me A River will be considered a true classic someday.